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The application supports the reading and writing of messages to and from files on the local hard disk.
The application also supports the exchange of messages with external services.
It’s also possible to combine sockets on the local hard disk with sockets on other networks and local sockets.
The program can exchange messages with multiple platforms:
SocketReader also allows the user to configure these networks and hosts separately.
Each network and host is represented as an independent network

SocketReader Features:

reads from and writes to files on the local hard disk
read and write messages to and from remote locations over a supported network
reads and write messages to and from remote servers
reads and writes from and to remote services
m:n multi-channel message routing over a network
parameter overrides allow the user to customize each individual channel
ability to read and write messages to and from remote services
nested connections allow the use of one connection on the same network to connect to another host and serve as a channel to that host
symmetrical multi-channel message routing over a network
ability to mix and match pre-established connections with local channels
inter-process communication via the standard IPC sockets (named pipes)
can interface with the network using a remote client

SocketReader Limitations:

SocketReader is limited to support no more than 100
multiprotocol channels on a single network connection.
SocketReader will support up to four remote servers or services for
each TCP connection.
SocketReader does not currently support m:n routing between protocols
SocketReader is not suitable for high volume message exchange applications.

SocketReader Installation:

SocketReader is a native Windows 32-bit application.
It’s available free of charge from the developer’s web site.
The application can also be downloaded for free from the developer’s web site.
The download is a 651KB executable file.
The installer for the application is a 156KB executable file.
An installation zip file is also available for downloading from the same site.
It can be downloaded in a self-extracting format.
To install the application, unzip the contents of the installer file to any directory on the hard disk.
Open the application folder that was created by the installer.
Execute the SocketReader.exe application.
Click the Finish button and close the installation window.
The application should now be installed.
SocketReader will 0cd6e936a3

■ On March 23, 1994, Microsoft released version 1.3 of their ActiveX component “LiveCon!”. LiveCon! is a Windows Status Tray Applet with a variety of useful utilities for checking the status of an Internet or network connection.
The status of the active Internet or network connection can be checked, in particular:
■ Average download speeds
■ Average upload speeds
■ Connection status (Online, Offline, Error, Disconnected)
■ Time of connection
■ Amount of data transfer for the last minute, last hour, last day etc.
■ Amount of data transfer for specific time periods (i.e. last day from 12:05 PM to 1:34 PM).
■ Number of packets received, transmitted, lost etc.
■ Active host addresses of a connection (i.e. [ [ [ [
■ Specific packet loss rate for specific time periods
■ List all or specific log entries
■ Outputs analyzed data (including percentages and times) as plain text for use in other applications or email
■ Copy results to Clipboard or to a Text File
■ Optionally start LiveCon! when Windows boots up
■ Allows the user to select between “connection speed in K/B/s (Kilobytes per second) or in K/B/s average (Kilobytes per second average)”
■ Echo Host Address & Echo Interval can be changed by the user
■ LiveCon! echoes target computer with standard TCP/IP ICMP (with minimal network strain)
■ Connection Status / Last Ping display window
This download includes a Full Version of “LiveCon!” and is fully UNICODE-compliant. (For more info see About LiveCon)
LiveCon! is the first “Internet Analyzer” developed entirely by DataViz/IDC. (For more info see About LiveCon)
LiveCon! license:
■ LiveCon! 1.1 Copyright 1994 – 1999 DataViz/IDC
■ All rights reserved.

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