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Saying is the capacity to speak. It is as much a part of human nature as thinking and feeling. So much of our behavior depends on the ability to express ourselves. The ability to communicate with words is the key to personal happiness, professional success, the growth of a society, and a healthy economy.
Beyond the easy communication of feelings and ideas, speaking is a complex skill. Learning to speak and understand a language is difficult and there is no substitute for practice. Practice helps make learning easier. This is why ESL teachers have such demanding workloads, because of the large number of hours needed to teach a language.
For students, learning a language becomes an essential part of life. It is important to learn languages in the same way a driver learns a car – by practice and repetition. The more you practice speaking, the more fluent you will become.
There are many different tools available to the student, such as a CD, tape, or DVD. The student must take the effort to study the vocabulary, listen to and practice the language, and do the same for pronunciation.Q:

Contour plot for a matrix of exponential functions with a basis in Matlab

I am trying to produce a contour plot in Matlab for a matrix of exponential functions, so I defined the following matrix
X = [exp(1) exp(-0.25) exp(1) exp(-0.5) exp(-0.5) exp(-1) exp(-1)];

X(1,1) = exp(1)
X(2,1) = exp(-0.25)
X(3,1) = exp(1)
X(4,1) = exp(-0.5)
X(5,1) = exp(-0.5)
X(6,1) = exp(-1)
X(7,1) = exp(-1)
X(8,1) = exp(-1)

I tried to use contourf with the following code:

but it gives me the following error:
Error using contourf
Plotting of variable array X is not supported.

Error in contourf (line 15 45cee15e9a

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