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Macro creation tool for Macintosh (Mac) users. Create and execute macros, a method of inserting commands into documents. Different types of macros are offered, for example, text macros, file macros, disk management macros, system related macros.
Macro Management:
Macro creation: What are macros? Macros are text commands embedded in a document. They can be created with the Macros tool. Macros are useful for inserting data into documents, such as formatting, formatting text, sorting text, copying text, and pasting text.
Macros language: There are two types of macros. The first type are text macros, which consist of basic commands, such as format, format text, select text, copy text, paste text. The second type are file macros. These macros are invoked when a file is opened. This means that the macro runs every time a document is opened.
Macro management: You can make macros with the Macros tool. You can also manage macros. You can set macro commands to run on opening or closing a document.
Macro Manager (versions 5.0 and later): Macro Manager is a simple but powerful program that lets you view the commands of all macros in a document, edit and save macro commands, as well as insert and run macros at any time. It can also insert macros automatically in documents.
Macro creation:
With Macros, you can create a document macro with different types of macro commands. You can create a text macro, a file macro, a disk management macro, a system related macro, and more.
File macros: When you open a document, a file macro runs. It inserts text, formatting, and other information into the document.
Disk management macros: You can create disk management macros to automate the management of the hard disk. You can automate disk defragmentation, backup the disk, and many other disk management tasks.
System related macros: You can create system-related macros to make your Mac experience more efficient.
System related macros are similar to file macros. When you open a document, a system-related macro runs. It can, for example, insert a system message, change the desktop picture, or open a URL in the browser.
Text macros: With text macros, you can format text, insert a comment, select text, copy text, and paste text.
Main features:
[Macro] [Macro] Edit macro command (Insert Macro into Document) to 70238732e0

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KeyMacro enables you to add macros to any document or web page in a very easy way. What you need is a single URL, a powerful system to create macros and a program with a toolbar to publish the macros. The use of KeyMacro is very simple, you can simply copy and paste any kind of URL to be able to access the macro.
The macros created with this program can include text and images, the creator is also able to use fonts, colors, hyperlinks and other features of the website. The creator can also add a reference to the original URL of the web page. The program can create Windows applications and add the macro.
You can also make a shortcut to access the macros directly from any web page. The Macros can be configured to publish the results to a specified location, the creator can also export the resulting HTML file to a local folder. The main features of this program are the ease of use, the customization of the results and the functionality.
KeyMacro is a very useful tool to use as you can create and edit your own macro website, even if you are not a programmer. You can use it to create applications for your clients, create a personal blog, make presentations or simply add an image to a document.
What can you do with KeyMacro:
Create a simple text in your web page and add it to a macro.
Create a hyperlink and insert it in the web page to access the content of any page.
Create a simple graphic or insert an image of any URL.
Insert an image and image hyperlink to a specified URL.
Insert HTML code and format.
Create an application with a toolbar with all the options.
Create a desktop application, a toolbar or a local window.
Make a shortcut to the results of any macro.
KeyMacro is a powerful tool that can help you in many aspects of your web page.
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