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* Automatically fill the text you want to record.
* Press on “record” to start recording the selected text.
* Press on “stop” to end the recording.
* Select the settings to record the text you want.
* Right mouse click on the selected text to set the options for recording.
* On the last screen of this menu select the text format that you want to save.
* Click on “ok”. A text file will be saved in the specified directory.
* If you change the settings and want to save the change click on “ok”.
* You can also click on “reload” to update the settings of the text.
* When you have the files with the format that you want to use, click on “ok”.
* Click on “ok” to close the text format window.
* Copy the text from the text format window to your clipboard.
* Click on “ok” to close the text format window.
If you want to record other format text click on “reload” to refresh the text settings.
Setup Notes:
1. Please make sure that your video card is compatible with DirectDraw.
2. You can record the number of file not less than 4 times with the same format.

TextSearch is a utility that lets you search, locate, find and find documents quickly. It supports regular expressions in a variety of forms, and it provides a search report for each document. You can save each search as a “script” in the form of a batch file for easy reuse.

ADOMIS – The Advanced Discovery Monitor
ADOMIS is a fully featured, ready-to-use interactive application for monitoring events of file system and inodes.
ADOMIS is designed to work with more than one operating system, either Linux or Windows.
It can perform a range of common, useful actions including file-linking, file copying and file renaming, but is more flexible than other programs and will work to any level of depth.
It can also highlight files of any size and color, update file attributes and give information about various properties of all files, inodes and directories, and it can create a text report for each event. It has a built-in system of filters that are used to make it really flexible.

HiNavi is a simple, lightweight and very easy-to-use software program for Windows that allows you to find lost files on your hard disk using 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is a visual keyboard macro generator. It displays your macros and lets you create them.
Basically it will have your keyboard functions that you want to be macros.
For example:
ESC – by itself lets you exit
HOME – lets you go home
F11 – lets you maximise your screen
PAGE DOWN – lets you scroll down
PAGE UP – lets you scroll up
Function-based customization.
Create your own macros, edit existing macros and delete all macros.
Customize toolbars to suit your needs.
Save your macros and use them over and over.
Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
Help Files:
KeyMacro Setup.txt
KeyMacro Shortcuts.txt
KeyMacro Basic.txt
KeyMacro v2.0 by c4s
KeyMacro v1.1 is a free shareware software. This program published by c4s company. This download is not downloaded or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation.
You can download KeyMacro v1.1 from the

How To Install KeyMacro v1.1
Download KeyMacro v1.1 from the above website.
Extract or.rar file, to the desired location.
Note: Please install into Program Files\KeyMacro v1.1
Known Bug:
– Sometimes will not save settings during Install (solution is to uncheck “Use Shell Folder” when installing)
– Sometimes will run several instances of KeyMacro v1.1
– Sometimes will use old Macromode.dll
– Sometimes will not show Function numbers in the listbox

Google on the Move: Phones Are Just the New Search Engines – Shivetya

I have never had a problem searching the web via my phone, and I use DuckDuckGo
as my main search provider.

For some reason, these articles always seem to focus on how much more
convenient searching

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